Our leasing success is largely the result of applying the same values and principles that have made our sales efforts so successful. By focusing on long-term client and tenant satisfaction, our clients enjoy the security and enhanced revenues generated by strong occupancy. The goal of any leasing assignment is to provide our clients with the marketing expertise to identify tenants for their property. Effective marketing begins with a thorough understanding of the client's goals and objectives along with a comprehensive review of the asset to be leased. Once the goals and understandings are in place the development of the marketing plan can begin. Since no two assets are alike, each marketing plan has its own unique issues. We are capable of understanding the nuances of each asset and tailoring a marketing plan for each asset and each owner's objectives. Marketing can include use of the internet, target marketing through email, postcards, surveys, letters, brochures and print advertisement. Signs are crucial, along with the design and placement of the sign. Niche marketing such as broker outreach and community networking are also aspects of a marketing plan.