A property’s history cannot be changed. However, its future is in the hands of the next owner. At Russ Russell Commercial Real Estate, we advise clients on how to maximize a property’s potential to ensure future growth of the asset’s value and to secure the highest possible sale price. When a client is in the market to buy or sell a property, Russ Russell will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the property’s physical characteristics and financial performance, as well as its competitive market position in order to recommend a solution that best meets the client’s needs. Our expertise in the areas of zoning, development and investment advisory services help client’s complete building and land transactions that improve their investment portfolios. Russ Russell Commercial Real Estate provides the finest in real estate marketing services. Our marketing program is thorough, extensive and multifaceted. Our listings are exposed to every possible prospect. Our listing brochures are accurate and detailed. The are produced in-house with all the pertinent information about the property. Our signs are numerous and visible. We have ready-access to investors and buyers in the business community. We assure the seller full, complete exposure of the property to the marketplace, thereby, producing the greatest level of buyer interest. Our innovative marketing plans quickly and effectively bring buyers and sellers together.